Article: DLabrie speaks on performing in Seoul(Itaewon) near Deadly Crowd Crush that claims 156 lives,26 foreign deaths reported Halloween 2022

Article: DLabrie speaks on performing in Seoul(Itaewon) near Deadly Crowd Crush that claims 156 lives,26 foreign deaths reported Halloween 2022

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Oakland, California rapper, DLabrie has been making Hip Hop music since the 90s and selling records, touring in Asia since the early 2000s off a chance meeting w/ Japanese businesswoman from the bay Area, who loved his music and work ethic. After Japan he got the opportunity to eventually expand to Korea. His stand out Rap career in the USA, collabs with some of music’s biggest stars plus Meeting the right Korean promoters &DJs lead him to a long relationship with the fast growing growing country . “I’ve been grateful to be able to create a new division of my music company in Korea, now we have a RonDavoux Records office & English academy here, people have showed us a lot of love here, npt just Asians but also Africans, Middle Easterns, Europeans, Latins, Indians, etc. “We do a lot of our music related biz and events in Itaewon which is like the multi cultural capital of Seoul” DLabrie has had his music and interviews showcased on BET, MTV,CNN, NBC, TV one & even some Asian TV Networks. Most recently on Korean news for addressing one of the most deadly nights in Seoul History!

Saturday October 29,2002, The day after DLabrie arrived in South Korea for performances during Halloween weekend, he had a close-up view of the recent tragedy in the Itaewon district of Seoul, Korea where more than 150 people were killed by a crowd crush and nearly the same amount were injured near his show in tight alleys connected near of the popular club/party area of the Hamilton Hotel. He was scheduled to perform at 10pm, but could not get through the crowd to get to the venue, which is located to the top left of the alley.

” Me and my DJ Tom Slick were on the main street at the bottom of the alley, but it was taking so long just to move a few feet, we were at a standstill for long periods, I didnt think id make the show in time. I was at the same venue Friday night which was also too packed, but Saturday was unreal w/ 100,000 on the streets, People were enjoying the 1st Holiday season after 3 years of Covid restrictions. Last minute before things went crazy, Tom convinced me to go the other way towards subway, I wanted to go back to my show which would’ve put me in the alley at that exact time, but it would’ve been impossible to get through + I was uncomfortable in the crowd and had a bad feeling.

According to DLabrie, Within next hour  he received over 100 calls and messages from Around the world “People saw on news and some thought I died” He explained  that “Itaewon” where he often performs, MCs, Guest DJs, films music videos & films like the upcoming “BE MYSELF” is the Global Hip Hop mecca & Multicultural hub, former military base of Seoul, South Korea “It has a rich history, and people of all backgrounds come for new edgy, and life changing experiences. The victims were mainly young adults & 90% women. Among the dead were 26 foreigners from 14 different countries. Luckily, DLabrie was not caught in the crush but he was located just blocks away when this heartbreaking situation began to happen, although many didnt know how severe the situation was right away Many went into a panic & the area was shut down for miles w/ police , rescue teams, and people on the street trying to revive the dead, bodies in the street covered w/ sheets & victims items, debris, costumes, shoes, blood left as is for investigation.

” I didnt know who was alive, people were looking for me, this affected every single person I know and all my associates in the area. Later on found out some of my friends and fans escaped, some didnt make it, some were injured. There was not enough city planning, manpower & crowd control but, no one expected this in a million years”

According to DLabrie, the Government issued 7 days of mourning in Seoul. A huge memorial formed on Sunday. DLabrie spent some time for next week at memorial; meeting parents, victims friends, monks, & other concerned citizens. Also appearing on KBS & other news sending his love and support to the people of Korea.

Next day after the 7 days of mourning ended, DLabrie headed to Japan for more touring & filming w/ OneTwenty(Lokyo) for the first time in 3 years since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. “Such a devastating feeling in Korea, it was good to get some time to process in another country, I was just numb & wasn’t aware that Japan was still very empty and recovering from the lack of access for outsiders to come into the country. I had never seen Tokyo w/ so few people outside, it was an interesting experience” DLabrie was in Japan 2019 when the Coronavirus started spreading outside China “Tokyo felt different people were still nervous about Covid-19 and being out and open.

“My Asia tours usually start on Halloween every year, so I was in Korea [during the time] when song was released,” explains DLabrie who continues on, “It would have been insensitive [to promote Vampire NETW3RK during] the Korea tragedy out of respect for the dead.

“It was traumatizing and confusing, For 2 days I was on phone and checking messages trying to find people and put together in my head what actually happened. Last thing on my mind was music or releasing a song or video but it was scheduled to come out & U.S RDV team was already in motion” DLabrie states . We were mourning w/ the people so we never thought to share the new project through Korea networks at that time! The song had been out already , just the Lyric Video was actually released this Halloween so hopefully people understand it’s not related at all. Still it’s a crazy coincidence because i cant listen to this song without thinking of that tragic night & many other nights i was in dangerous situations!! Music & Art can be healing agents, even in the most hopeless times we try to bring some light & magic out the Black Hole that’s the the real meaning of #RonDaVOODOO were lyrical witch doctors”


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