Sept 1-11 “Can I Kick It” Tour – KOOL KIM aka NY Oil of legendary group (The UMC’s) + DLabrie hitting stages,events,radio,press,clubs,schools, streets! See Schedule! Book Now!

Sept 1-11 “Can I Kick It” Tour – KOOL KIM aka NY Oil of legendary group (The UMC’s) + DLabrie hitting stages,events,radio,press,clubs,schools, streets! See Schedule! Book Now!

For Booking Contact; 510-256-9863 0r

Look Out for New Collab “EQUAL SEQUAL” from upcoming album “Mr NETW3RK pt. 2”

DLabrie ft. Kool Kim aka NY Oil(UMC’s), Dwyze (The Bums), Frank Stickemz (Tony Toni Tone) & more

IF YOU’RE A DJ , PRESS or MEDIA and want the song leak! Text 510-256-9863

Thursday 9/1 – San Jose

KOOL KIM aka NY Oil of UMC’s BIO

“The 1 Minute Take Down King”, “the most versatile MC in Hip Hop” these are some of the phrases used to describe Kool Kim. Given high praise by artist such as Kwame’ (Mc / Producer), Mikey D (MC), Chip Fu (MC), Jesse West (Producer/ MC) PMD (of EPMD), Freedom Williams (MC), RA the Rugged Man (MC) , Kool Kim is one of Hip Hops hidden gems and best kept secrets. 

Calling Kool Kim a secret is an oxymoron in many circles. As a member of the groundbreaking and influential classic group “The UMC’s” with #1 Billboard charting songs like “Blue Cheese”, “One To Grow On” and “Never Never Land” off the classic “Fruits of Nature Album” Kim has been a beloved icon in Hip Hop circles for years. 

Even as a soloist, Kool Kim donned the alter-ego “NYOIL the Ideal” and shook the hip hop community. From his Cult classic album “HoodTreason” as NYOIL, Kool Kim became a highly respected artist. In this incarnation he is credited in many circles as the harbinger of what would be called the “Woke” movement. 

Releasing his first solo single “My Condolences” Kool Kim shows both his artistic growth as well as his unique approach to Hip Hop. That 90’s era aesthetic in terms of lyrical content and performance, but something considerably more advanced in its overall delivery. It’s the evolution of the sound that created a billion dollar industry. 

“I make music because it’s my hobby, and I love it. This is first, and I know that people will feel that as they get to know what I’m capable of” -Kool Kim. 

‘My Condolences’ Produced by Kevin Cooper is a hard driving mid tempo banger with heavy bass. A true head nodder, that has a throwback appeal while feeling like a journey into the evolution of Hip Hop Music

DLabrie aka Mr NETW3RK BIO

Oakland, CA Hip Hop Artist, DLabrie came up during the golden age of Hip Hop, watching the meteoric rise of West Coast rap in the early 90’s up close. Seeing the Indie Ways of his hometown, he began distributing his mixtapes in 2001, releasing his 1st album in Japan in 2002. Champion of simply complex wordplay, diverse, relevant, and humorous subject matter, DLabrie has built from classroom freestyles, local TV shows & demos, grassroots level cyphers & open mics to club/radio play to being featured on BET, MTV, CNN, NBC as well as Various National /International Tours eventually pushing over 100,000+ units Independently with his imprint RonDavoux Records, founded in 2004. As a community leader with worldwide nonprofit “Hip Hop Congress Inc.,” he has traveled around the world using Hip Hop as a vehicle to organize artists, activists, educators & youth. DLabrie aka the EOG is back now with a sequel to his biggest album to date ‘Mr NETW3RK pt. 2.’

ATTN Media “UP” Official Global Media Press Release

ATTN DJs “UP” Official Global DJ Pack Press Release 

DLabrie – UP- Cover Art by AD Prints! Photgraphy by @One Twenty of Lokyo Multi-media

DLabrie returns from Summer Asia Tour 2022  with new music from ‘Mr NETW3RK pt. 2’ the album. The single/video “UP” was filmed in Japan by OneTwenty (Lokyo Multimedia JP) with production by Sean Blak (The Beat Dealaz). The catchy hook ‘put ya hands up’ vibrates the video while DLabrie rhymes through Japan’s crowded city nightlife. His quotable punchlines and metaphors emanate the chill vibe and flow over upbeat tempos. The video is sure to have everyone putting their hands up, raising the roof, and living it up. 
Fun Fact: “UP” is Part 1 of a Triple Audio/Visual Single (UP/BE MYSELF/BABY LUV) filmed during DLabrie’s various Asia Tours During the Pandemic. The Oakland, CA-based rapper as seen on BET, MTV, CNN, and NBC will release this triple single as an introduction to the Highly Anticipated Sequel to Trilogy and Album series  “Mr NETW3RK” via RonDavoux Records. Follow the Journey!


Sunday 9/1 San Jose

9/2 – TBA – Hiero Day Weekend Kick offs/ Oakland First Friday

9/3 – TBA – Hiero Day (Holiday 93 til Infinity)


Hip Hop Congress Weekly Clubhouse Call In


9/4 – Oakland, CA

Hiero Day Weekend Activities

1pm – If Hip Hop Congress related Artists want to perform Text 510-256-9863



9/4 – San Jose, CA


(Cesar Chavez Plaza) Tony Toni Tone Live ft. Franck Stickemz

(Who also appears on DLabrie song Equal Sequel ft. Kool Kim(UMC’s)

San Jose,CA

930pm- 2am (55 South) w/ The Illiance + Jonah _ Bennett Roth (RDV) San Jose ,CA

9/5 Hiero Day Festival + Labor Day

Kool Kim on stage 12:40pm

Look Out for RonDavoux Records Merch booth


9pm-1am (Beauty Bar) w/ Bay Life radio, DJ Igorbeatz

Tuesday 9/6 – TBA

Wednesday 9/7 – Hip Hop Congress in San Francisco

Thursday 9/8

5pm – ??Auburn Hip Hop Congress / Nevada City,CA ??

8pm – Walnut Creek,CA

Friday 9/9- Sunday 9/11 – TBA – Now Booking


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