DLabrie of Hip Hop Congress discusses Ice Cube’s “Contract with Black America”

DLabrie of Hip Hop Congress discusses Ice Cube’s “Contract with Black America”

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DLabrie of Hip Hop Congress discusses Ice Cube’s “Contract with Black America”

As an Artist, Educator, Father, Community Leader, Freedom Fighter, Father, Brother, Son, Hip Hop Head, International Rapper, #MrNETW3RK , Black man, Business owner, Music Industry Exec, Oakland native, Organization builder, Mentor, Mentee, Youth Advocate & Raptivist who loves all people and has worked for the betterment of the world beyond just My own struggling African people and as a fan who grew up on & was influenced by Ice Cube music it’s interesting to see so much fast hate is being thrown at him online.

STAY BLACK & DIE – DLabrie – Music Video / Short Film ft. M1 (dead prez), Jacka (RIP), Shamako Noble, Adisa Banjoko, SaikoDelic Created by Michael Jordan Payton (Csuitemusic.com /Gov. Newsome/Live Nation/Murder Inc./KMEL/WILD94.9)

So people are mad at him for making general demands on BOTH parties to address Black America’s issues ? How is Lobbying for Black America’s needs wrong? Cube “I’m glad you Set it off ” I’m for folks who Get involved & make shit happen. We not all gonna agree on everything but Talking and Acting are 2 different things. Access can often lead to Success. Advising and Consulting is a part of policy and politics. Easy to talk from the sidelines. But how are you using your voice. If you support Biden, Bernie or anyone on the left they will work with Trump Administration or at least have meetings and discussions. You do realize the “left” meet and congregate and make decisions and do their Government jobs with Trump every day And have been working with Trump and the right just by default on a bi-partisan level. Democrats & Republicans, Policy Makers, Lobbyist all work together for better or worse. Just like many work for their boss or supervisor every day who work for the CEO or owner of the company and lord knows what evil is going on as we go higher up the ladder. Agree or not you have to be involved to have influence. It’s easy to talk wild when no one is listening or you are powerless or in the shadows yapping but when you have to put your face and name on the frontlines we can see who really would stand up or “FIGHT THE POWER” and whose capping.

There’s been regular advisors on both sides involved in lots of policy forever. Many suffered consequences and losses and even died trying to stand up or speak up and were they thanked? Maybe ? Maybe not? MLK worked with racist politicians. Malcolm X met with the KKK. Harriet worked with whatever white people were supportive of FREEING slaves in the days when slavery was legal. No ones hands are completely clean in a land that is responsible for at minimum 2 genocides (Indigenous and African people and funded many more) Doesn’t have anything to do with selling out or cooning (OK maybe in some situations of course but not always) to demand justice for your own.

This article was based on watching this convo between Ice Cube, Roland Martin & my folks Alicia Garza (1 of founders of Black Lives Matter)

I want to take a moment to show love for my folks sista, Alicia Garza who i didn’t see until the end of the Cube talk with Roland Martin clip. All i heard was her saying she would also like to work with Cube on the “Contract for Black America” as would I. This is not about her specifically because i don’t really know her positions on this. It’s not my focus to speak ill of whatever her thoughts on Cube were (I’m not saying her thoughts on this are even bad or she is against what O’she Jackson is doing). She has done great work and I’ve been on Radio or Panels with her or her org and i respect her movement too.

DLabrie Speaking on Hip Hop Congress Radio panel w/ Davey D, Alicia Garza (BLM), Shamako Noble (Co-Founder of HHC), Mic Crenshaw (Northwest Director of HHC ) & Ashley Yates

Just to be clear this post is about all the bulk of online hate I’m seeing automatically thrown at Ice Cube with mentions of lines from “No Vaseline” & what not but to be clear neither him or Eazy E or a lot of artists who have been tagged by media and doubters are 100% sellouts( Of course some artists are, but not all) for some of their controversial efforts. Neither was the big homie MC Hammer no more than Lauryn was “anti white” ! Many artists, actors. entertainers & athletes are legitimate leaders or activists(or at least have the potential to be if showed the right way or embraced, not rejected). Many are also just regular people who are trying or doing something or trying to use their voice just like anyone else. They’re not always right or perfect or experts but its not always malicious, wrong, fake or a conspiracy. Artists have concerns just like anyone else. And not all are rich and have power outside of their industry. Some work for that and dedicate time, money, energy, and resources to causes and mean it. Sometimes folks are mislead But more often as i have been they are slandered or just misinterpreted or misquoted or sometimes folks who criticize them for things just have no idea what their talking about or are simply out of their league on the topic. My big homie, Bay Area Super producer & long time mentor #Easki who taught martial arts on my block schooled me and corrected me on this in my teens so i could grow and be a better artist one day! I thank him today for that.

Song from Ice Cube’s 1st solo album after leaving NWA “AmeriKKK’s Most Wanted” which was highly political and established him as a voice of Black struggle

I’ve been on all sides form the uppity critical rap fan, to the angry ignorant hood nigga ready to set it off, to the newly woke radical rap scholar who just read Malcolm X book to the diplomatic global leader of many cultures and backgrounds that are trying to work together. I’ve seen this up close so talking from experience not from outside , or from stuff I saw on TV, or heard from a Religious Leader, blogs, or rap song quotes lol. I’m talking from perspective of an outsider rebel who has been granted access deep inside the system of politics, non profit world, and education system!

Congresswoman Maxine Waters w/ DLabrie(HHC), Percee P(Stones Throw), Rahman Jamaal(ED of HHC), Keyanna Celina(HHC), members of RonDavoux Records & Hip Hop Congress @ L.A for “Coalition for Community Control Over the Police” conference against Police Brutality during time of a Gang War

So I’m curious why these perceptions of black artists, activists, leaders and even politicians are like a classic automatically rising meter moving towards folks criticizing or distrusting or discrediting ANY moves , progress or attempts to make ANY change? Why are folks assuming Cube is doing this for money? He has money. I heard same with Jay Z & Kanye! When will it end? When will Artists not be seen as the scapegoats or a joke when they step outside of artistry? These people from your favorite rapper to Trump have been the same people many loved and lived by and looked up to until they use their influence to make political moves? We are in the land of crooked capitalism. As Cube said “where were you?” all this time? He explains it all in his interviews after being grilled, misquoted, projected on, accused, and chastised about Trump as if he didn’t clearly say he is not with Either party and he is not creator of the Platinum plan, he is the creator of “The Contract with Black America”

I encourage folks to hear more of the big picture then just start calling Cube out and cancelling him. He dropping real jewels and none of it is about supporting Trump or Biden or Left or Right or Liberal or Conservative anything. The focus is helping Black America get what we deserve ! How is it I and many of us knew this in his Jerry Curl days and I see him as just an extension of that now as he has ascended to grown father and worldwide hip hop legend & film maker. Was all this not clearly his plan & journey from back then?

Remember when 106 KMEL FM ( #IHeartRadio ) was playing this DLabrie #VOTEWhy Hear Song Watch Video!! When Pushing for Change, main work starts after Election!

I been in Cube position as a rapper who POWERFUL PEOPLE Listen to me to allocate resources or create change. STEP UP, USE YOUR INFLUENCE OR JUST WATCH & CRITICIZE or Cancel everyone but how does it help anyone!! Who do you want to speak or fight for you? Do want you black people in power or not? Do you want non black allies or not? Do they have to be perfect? Who fits that criteria? Do you even live up to your own judgement? You don’t like nobodies efforts? Obama? Cube? Kaep? Michelle? Kanye? this Black Mayor or that Black senator? or Ocasio? Corey Booker? Kamala? Jay Z? Farrakhan? Nick Cannon, Van Jones? Cardi B? Black Lives Matter? Oprah? Newsome? Umar? MLK? Jamar? Malcolm? Harriett? LGBTQ community? (Feel free to disagree or not support or support any of these people if you want that’s you right but not my point in this writing to address everyones get down. I have my own resume and beliefs. These are just examples of people with platforms) You not behind or discussing or engaging or working with or learning from or influencing nobody when they get some positioning? NOBODY? Or at least solo or building your own org, or platform to address/change things. If you not for anyone this is best move to build something you are for. Not telling you what to think but Just make sure you using your power and see what it’s like when you in a position to actually Do something real.

DLabrie powerful Video ft. San Quinn & Keyanna Celina! This Video made it to the White House staff & was embraced by Barack Obama’s Staff when DLabrie visited Dept. of Labor & Education for meetings on Hip Hop Congress consulting on Job creation & Budgets for Hip Hop Artists Ability to Educate in schools

Yall was down for Cube as as a rapper or actor or a concept that lifts your fake ass gangster rap fantasies or slogans but the minute he do something you find out that’s larger in scope than all the raps & anthems and actions that are literally “BIGGER THAN HIP HOP” as my brothers from dead prez firmly stated! You mad? I see a pattern! Who is listening to your plans? Do you have plans for our people? Your People? Any people? Your family? Your community? Your nation? The world? Do you have folks listening to those plans who can implement them in real life? If you don’t like how Cube is handling it by all means Give us a plan! Or speak Up . Stand Up! Are you just hating off headlines or even listening to his full statements, doing any of the knowledge to find the best way? Ill support you if you are but I’m not down for just empty finger pointing and scapegoating all day. Let’s stay busy on the job of change and unifying, where possible. We can bicker all day but we gotta get past that. Cube been saying all this shit since NWA, AmeriKKK’s Most Wanted, Death Certificate to Now. You can hear the raps but not a platform? You can only support it when someone rapping, singing, bouncing a ball or dancing? This is what Kanye was tryna say. We more than just rappers or actors or athletes if we wanna be

DLabrie was at this event in L.A performing on a Rap Tour w Quanstar or for the BET Awards w Keldamuzik (too many trips to L.A) His best friend growing up in Oakland USC alumni “Leon Lozano” Director of “My Father Belize” , “Something is killling Tate” and “The Slowdown” screened a film and introduced Ice Cube! Hip Hop Congress USC chapter was there as a part of the group of orgs putting on the event @ Invited DLabrie had this brilliant Q & A , ,performed some of his political content and I believe they presented him with an an honorary Sociology Degree for his progressive examinations of culture in his career Music & Film! DLabrie had newest mixtape “EOG (East Oakland’s Greatest” Vol 3″ and gave Ice Cube a copy along with half the people at & outside the event. Also if we remember correctly Lupe Fiasco was supposed to speak but his father passed and he couldn’t make it.

2pac had “Thug life” Platform that went far beyond the album or rap group #Thuglife. The homie Boots Riley & The Coup had a platform & plan , damn near a book of strategy for the people & movement far beyond the political raps. My little bro & Video/Film Director Michael J. Payton like myself has worked for Americorps + State of California Governor office with political figures such as Newsome, Harris, Lee, & waters. MPayton also redirected his platform CSUITEMUSIC from just music to a platform for social jusice! Myself, DLabrie & Comrads like Shamako Donae, Tina Bell Wright, Rahman Jamaal Mc , Jordan Bromley, Prashant Kumar, Real Robinson IV, Anita R Tobin, Amer F. Ahmed, Jacka Mob Figaz, Ron Gubitz and many others from around the world “starting with Independent, Local , Hood Hip Hop heads from California) participated in building platforms & orgs like Hip Hop Congress National and have helped artists make power moves in education and politics far beyond the studio, music industry, media gossip. There’s Countless examples!

DLabrie encourages everyone to get out and Vote & Explains WHY it’s important! Remember when 106 KMEL FM ( #IHeartRadio ) was playing this DLabrie #VOTEWhy Hear Song Watch Video!! When Pushing for Change, main work starts after Election!

Kaep is a hero but he did more than kneel and protest . That was the start but this is what Jay Z meant when he told a white exec or media person trying to be slick in the NFL office, in front of Roger Goodell “We are past kneeling” ,meaning we even have more power than JUST kneeling, marching, and protesting!! We have and need that but there has been progress. NOW in this era, we ALSO have the educational, political financial and legal power in some areas to fight back on multiple fronts that we didn’t have in the slave days, jim crow days, segregation days, civil rights days or even the NOI Malcolm days, Black Panther Days, or Reagan, Bush, Clinton days!! Recognize it.

Although it’s still relevant, Cube doesn’t have to make “Fuck the Police” over and over for 40-50 years staying in his “RAP” place from 16 years old!! That wasn’t the point of the song. The point was change, not still being harassed by the FBI for fighting the racist system as a grandfather, like he was as a teen rapper in the hood!! I’ve seen many people from the radical to the moderate liberal, to the right face the same criticisms over and over. Criticism is cool, but know what you’re even talking about. Study. Learn. Get active. Stop repeating cliché’s and hot topics when you should be listening or trying to advocate for a better tomorrow yourself!!

Remember when 106 KMEL FM ( #IHeartRadio ) was playing this DLabrie #VOTEWhy Hear Song Watch Video!! When Pushing for Change, main work starts after Election!

I’m not saying I know everything or everyone is doing right or what’s best all the time, but lets stay observant and active ,not just reactive. Don’t fall for media or Trump saying Cube is backing them or with them. He says over and over that both sides were gonna do that. Both sides are looking for leverage to get the black vote or say they did this or did that. Don’t throw folks who name dragged in under the mud via assumptions and projections. I’m not convinced a lot of the criticizers I’m seeing wouldn’t take a bag from Trump or Biden to buy a mansion or a Bentley or ice or a few women or some dope or to put a trash ass album full of ignorance out or to buy guns to kill other blacks over dumb ass arguments like these and material things. Many of folks calling Cube a sellout would not help a soul if they coulda been Obama or Kamala or Russell Simmons or Barbare Lee or Maxine Waters. Guess what you could’ve been or still can be or someone even more powerful. We don’t always need to hear all this loud talk. Show us. Do something bigger than Cube and all the people you criticize. You have the power. I might support it more than you leaning on tearing everyone down To quick we react to headlines and twisted narratives. Any thoughts are welcome ! Much love from RonDavoux Records/RDV promo#RDV#GRG

For Immediate Release:

OFFICIAL Hip Hop Congress National STATEMENT

Bishop XL & DLabrie prophetic Visual has been on Major TV/Radio platforms in #Africa all of 2020. This was a WARNING! #HIPHOPCONGRESS #NIGERIA Representatives/Chapter Heads tried to warn US!! #Nigerians need our Support & Action! WE Stand with #Lagos #EndSARS #EndSWAT EndPOLICEBRUTALITY #EndTERRORISM Learn More! How can we help & Get Educated! RonDavoux Records/RDV promo, ThLinkup

If you can HELP Please Text 5102569863 or email RDVbiz1@gmail.com #RDV #GRG THE PEOPLE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Make Sure Everyone sees this Music Video & Let’s Give our Nigerian family a Platform to Talk for themselves! #HHC would like to set Up Interviews with your platforms with our reps on the ground in the region. We have a facilitator for online Zoom, or Social media Interviews, Meetings! Also can so Radio, Pre-Recorded, Panels, Lectures, or Written interviews! These conversations have been going on in #HHC Networks for a few years! If you can HELP Please Text 5102569863 or email

RDVbiz1@gmail.com Apparently these things going on there are nothing new! Everyday life for poor, working class, youth, families, students, and struggling people around the world!! Nigerians are 1 of the most successful groups in America. There are great educated, successful proud people, but there are also a lot of issues in the country that we can not imagine in the U.S!! This Visual by Michael Onetwenty Herrington of LOKYO Multimedia is just 1 of the tools we created for Education & it took off in the Continent of Africa, America, Asia & beyond!! They say we can help folks there!! Let’s UNITE & not just Pray but Reload our resources and networks to do something!! Thank you All in advance

DLabrie cousin @OGtheSecurity honored by City of Richmond,CA on TV by HHc affiliate “Jael Myrick”

Donate to Funeral Costs https://www.gofundme.com/f/OJ-the-security?fb

Mourning Loss of DLabrie cousin, Celeb Body Guard “Olajuwon Thornton” aka @OJtheSecurity, City of Richmond,CA to honor him +Donation Link for Funeral Costs

Read Full Article on Olajuwon Thornton dlabrie.wordpress.com/2020/10/21/mourning-loss-of-dlabrie-cousin-celeb-body-guard-olajuwon-thornton-aka-ojthesecurity-city-of-richmondca-to-honor-him-donation-link-for-funeral-costs/


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