Mourning Loss of DLabrie cousin, Celeb Body Guard “Olajuwon Thornton” aka @OJtheSecurity, City of Richmond,CA to honor him +Donation Link for Funeral Costs

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Watch Richmond,CA City Councilman and Hip Hop Congress affiliate ?Jael Myrick” honor Olajuwon here >>>

Short Clip of Jael Myrick Honoring Olajuwon @ Richmond City Council Adjourning meeting with honor for OJ the Security on Senator Kamala Harris BDay

10/27 FUNERAL UPDATE by cousin (Olajuwon’s Big bro) OMAR THORNTON:

“Update on my brother’s funeral arrangements. Olajuwon Thornton I have a message as well as a email out to my brother’s last employment, we are having a hard time finding his social security number, this is the last information we needed to put on his death certificate. As far as an arrangements I’ve had a few full meetings from Friday to this morning and certain questions had to be answered and now waiting for return phone calls both from the funeral home as well as the cemetery. After these conversations the date and time will be announced. thank you all who have put in towards the GoFundMe page that was set up for my brother. THE GOFUNDME PAGE WILL STAY UP UNTIL TUESDAY AFTERNOON…… If there’s anyone else for this point on who wants to add anything to help you can contact me directly and we’ll see what can be done. I as well as other family members and Friends of my brother are still in shock. I still can’t believe that this has happened and I still have so many questions, yes an autopsy was performed but those results can take up to 3 months to get back. we are asking questions to those who were around my brother and his last few weeks he was alive. We know that he had just started a job that the people around him really loved him and enjoyed him at work and he was the type of person who was always willing and able to do whatever it took to get the job done. More of his nightlife are his security job there’s not too much information no other than the people that he was around also loved him and enjoyed having him around. But if anybody has any information they may can help us to find more answers of why this young man of 37 had massive heart failure it would be appreciated. once again I’m not saying there’s anything out there that is suspicious, it’s just when things like this happen as sudden as this did, more questions versus answers tends to be the norm. I am 2 hours behind from California so hopefully I’ll have my return calls today and I can put something out towards the end of the night as far as arrangements. Once again God bless you all and take care.”


This one saddest days of my life. Gotta call moms. Please check on her. Just found my little cousin Olajuwon Thornton & celebrity bodyguard/personal security Richmond, Ca Bay Area Legend who saved my life a few times & looked out for my mom, fam & kids anytime on drop of time passed away. I’m devastated and in shock. He was the bravest person, Stand up soldier. Angel & Warrior

FULL 4 hour MEETING Here’s the video, Richmond,CA City Council adjournment in honor of “Olajuwon Thornton” happens at 4:28:00

We were very close! His mom “Aunt Theresa” who passed away too recent was close with my mom and was there for her when she went into labor with me & when i was born. Maybe im not here if not for her. He maybe was a baby or a bit younger still when me , his older bro my cousin & U.S vet Omar Thornton ( and owner of South Dakota restaraunt O So Good & Big “O” Catering from O So Good restaurant and Ayinde who mentored me in hip hop and my Aunt Queen ( Actress) who helped raise me would hang out and play football in the Rich! yeeee! We got closer after we both grew up and got more involved in the music industry. Me as a Hip Hop Artist, Him as a bouncer and club security. I had no idea he went into that field until id run into him @ clubs while performing. He always protected me, women and anyone in trouble or being bullied with his life. He was so special. I supported anything he did and was so proud of him . He brought out the best in me. My kids loved him. He had the hugest heart and was always tryna have a good laugh😢😢😢😢😢😢

I saw a post yesterday from my cousins, saying a family member died but it didn’t say who, but was his picture. So 1st i panicked thinking it’s him then i thought he posted it about another fam member. I was tryna reach out to him and see who died. i did not know it was him until like 15 minutes ago. Wow ! Sending Love to my Dixon Family This is the worst 2020 moment for me by far. Ima keep it lit for you cousin. You always made me a better man. Damn such a beautiful soul. I will miss you cousin. We losing to many! Dixon blood run deep! Love you all

DLabrie with Mom & Olajuwon ( @OJtheSecurity ) @ Dave & Busters in Milpitas,CA

Losing my BIG little cousin Olajuwon Thornton Hurts beyond words! RonDavoux Records/RDV promo is trying show support and keep everyone United around getting needed information, sending him off right & honoring his life & legacy! My longtime comrade, Jael Myrick of #Richmond#California City Council whose Campaign we supported through our Urban Art/Education Non Profit Hip Hop Congress National has agreed to honor “Olajuwon Thornton” aka IG @OJtheSecurity by “Adjourning the Council Meeting Tuesday Night in his memory” (Date may be subject to change) & “Putting Together a Proclamation for Our family at his funeral” Here’s Link to Donate > > > < #OlajuwonThornton influence in #BayArea was Vast! He spread love & put his life on the line to Protect so many, from kids, women, youth, students, local musicians, artists, business people, celebs, vulnerable individuals, elders, strangers , to even Myself, Kids & Mom! If you knew him, have useful info, want to attend his services, or want to support in any way Text 5102569863 #RDV#GRG Like our Great Grandfather “Dallas Dixon” who helped build a church in #NorthRichmond that still stands today with his name etched on the wall the front! #OJtheSecurity brought a lot of Love, Peace, Knowledge, Strength ,Mentorship & Hard work which is One with & lives on through his older brother, #RichmondCA born #SouthDakota resident U.S Vet Omar Thornton of O So Good, Big “O” Catering from O So Good restaurant, the Dixon/Thornton family, his friends and close circle ,City of Richmond, Bay Area, Schools he worked at, Students, Entertainers, Clients, Venues &Buildings he worked protected, Bodyguard/Security Industry, Music Industry & the World!Here is the direct Link you can donate! Thank you all as we mourn the earthly loss of my dear younger cousin, #Olajuwon (Like Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon he was a also pushing the Dream) ~ DLabrieHere’s the Direct link to Donate to his Going Away Ceremony Expenses > < Any support from mine or his Richmond fam is appreciated! Yeeeeeee!

Dixon Family Reunion in Milpitas.CA (Near Dixon Landing)


OFFICIAL UPDATE: Olajuwon Thornton by brother, Omar Thornton, U.S Vet & owner of “O So Good Restaurant in South Dakota “So as you know Olajuwon passed away last Wednesday and it looks like from massive heart failure. Since he was done a more detailed autopsy was performed, but those results will take from 30 to 90 days to get results. I just finished up with paperwork with Wilson & Kratger of San Pablo, Ca. I have another meeting with them on Thursday. Part of that discussion, will be arrangements for my brother. If anyone has ideas, thoughts on these arrangements they need to contact me before this meeting. no matter what the arrangements end up being there will be a viewing for him in a later date, this date has not been made yet. I will be contacting his work today, to see if there was any policy that can help with his services. There is a GoFundMe page that has been set up for him if you’re looking to help or contribute you can go into that particular page. Thank and God bless everyone”

Olajuwon brother U.S Vet “Omar Thornton” owner of “O So Good” Restaurant in South Dakota


Our Great Grand Parents ! Dallas Dixon helped build church in North Richmond that still has his name on the front of building today! The Dixon family still attends

Our Great Grand Parents Dallas Fletcher Dixon and Mattie Bell Kendrick-Dixon ! Dallas Dixon helped build church in North Richmond that still has his name on the front of building today! The Dixon family still attends
Please Donate if You Can
@OJtheSecurity hard at work
Dixon/Thornton Family appreciates Your support!!

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