8 year Anniversary of Haiti (Trump called a Shithole) EarthQuake killing 230,000 – DLabrie organizes 39 Artists Worldwide on 1 Song/Video for the cause! Watch/Donate/Download

Never Forget on this day 8 years ago 1/12 Deadly Haitian Earthquake took over 230,000 lives and over 3 million were affected 😢 The Struggle
in Haiti (The place Trump called a shithole) and the Rebuilding/Healing process still continues in 2018. In Aftermath of Quake RonDavoux Records/RDV promo on behalf of Hip Hop Congress organized 39 artists worldwide to get on 1 song for the cause.

Donate & Get Full Song @ Bandcamp >> https://dlabrie.bandcamp.com/track/hip-hop-congress-for-haiti-feat-39-mcs-from-around-the-world

Follow & Download @ Soundcloud >> https://soundcloud.com/dlabrie/hip-hop-congress-for-haiti-39-mcs-ft-akiljurassic-5lil-bloodlivewiremarvalessdlabriemore

Song/Video ft. Akil of Jurassic 5, Marvaless, Lil Blood(Livewire), DLabrie, Rahman Jamaal, Bueno, Sellassie of Frisco 5, Megabusive, YDMC, Bigg Mann & more!!
Art by Ghani Gautama

Hip Hop Congress for Haiti – 39 Artists Worldwide on 1 song – Watch Video/Donate/Download

Subscribe & Watch “Hip Hop Congress for Haiti” Music Video by RonDavoux Records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvlYjns5c-g&list=PL1A639937BCABA579&index=3

Follow & Download @ Soundcloud >> https://soundcloud.com/dlabrie/hip-hop-congress-for-haiti-39-mcs-ft-akiljurassic-5lil-bloodlivewiremarvalessdlabriemore

Happy MLK Day Weekend

Follow & Download @ Soundcloud >> https://soundcloud.com/dlabrie/dlabrie-it-aint-ez-feat-san-quinnkeyanna-celinaaviel-radio-edit-for-djseducators

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