FULL TOUR SCHEDULE – Host a Date #SBAD Black History Month Film Screening Tour w/ Q &A, Film features M1(Dead Prez), The Jacka RIP

Community Centers, Schools K-12, Colleges, Private Orgs, Radio Stations

Contact RDVbiz1@gmail.com / 5102569863 / http://www.twitter.com/RDVpromo
Updated Tour Schedule at http://www.DLabrie.com or http://dlabrie.fanbridge.com/tourdates/

Book a Date Now RDVbiz1@gmail.com

Book a Date Now RDVbiz1@gmail.com


This short film is inclusive to ALL types of people.
It answers the question many have asked: What is it like to be Black in America?
What is the connection within the African Diaspora?
How do you explain the Black experience to those whose only exposure to Black/African Culture may be tainted by biased media, corporate greed?
In a country with its 1st black president some may still have very little understanding of the unique struggles overcome by the Black community which relates to ALL people in the U.S & the World at large!
We offer this Video with a strong message as a soundtrack to the movement & a Visual example of Black Empowerment!

#SBAD features Bay Area org “Hip Hop Chess Federation” which uses Hip Hop, Chess & Martial Arts to promote Unity, Strategy & Non Violence

#SBAD is also a tribute to a father, MC, Activist, Friend, Spiritual Artist and Hip Hop Congress soldier “Shaheed Akbar” better known as “The Jacka” who passed (Feb 2,2015) before completion of this Project. We hope it touches your spirit as he touched ours

#SBAD was filmed by various Sources mostly in New York, Oakland & other parts of the West Coast!!
Directed by RDV & Edited by RDV, M.PAYTON Multimedia productions & Dj Dirty Nate of Soapbox Melodics!!!

Watch Clean Version of Film

-We have clean Versions of the song and Video – We can provide the link prior to event for review
-We plan on bringing surprise celebrity guests, activists, community members, educators to various dates that have some involvement in the film or the message in the visual
-We can tailor this to the needs of the audience and collaborate with those hosting the screening. Timeframe can be flexible. We want to create a space for dialogue not just lecture, however we can help facilitate the reflection points
-We want this to be INCLUSIVE of all racial groups, Cultures, Ethnicities, Genders, Sexual Preferences, Ages, and welcome input from all groups. This is a Black History theme but we want to find connection points and build unity

Book #SBAD Film Screening Tour Feb 2016

Book #SBAD Film Screening Tour Feb 2016

Various Formats (Flexible and Tailor Made for audience)

10 min Screening – Pre/Post Discussion by Host (Not us) with Bullet Points and Questions provided by us – 15-20 min
– 10 min Screening – Q and A – 30 Minutes
– 10 min Screening with Curriculum – Review Questions, Discussion – 1 – 1.5 hours
– 10 Min Screening – Q and A – performance 30 min – 1.5 hours
– Radio – Song Discussion, Panel Discussion – 30 min -2 Hours
– We can set up a whole show/concert with #SBAD theme and at some point in the night show the Video -4-5 hours
– We can table at a festival and show the Video repeatedly
– We can send the Video Files to Video DJ’s
– We provide link and/or files for educator or facilitator to utilize and plan discussion with or without our bullet points – ]
– Media Posts on websites or Social Media w/ Interview w Discussion Points

SBAD Art No Words

Please Fill this out with your Email Correspondance

1. Where
2. When
3. What time
4. What is your budget
5. What Materials, Supplies, Resources can you provide
6. When can you meet in person or by phone to discuss
7. What format works best
8. How would you like to engage the community (Free event, Fundraiser, Donation suggestion, Sponsored by)
9. Concerns? Questions for us?
10. Would you prefer any specific special guests ?
11. How many expected to attend
12. Your name or name of org representatives
13. Contact Info
14. Social media contacts
15. What type of space do you have(Boardroom,Hall, Theater, Classroom, etc)
16. Other Notes or Key information, Things you want us to add or subtract, Sensitive information or subjects for your group

RDV Motto – Grind Relax & Giveback = #GRG


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