REST IN PEACE TO THE JACKA, A GOOD FRIEND, GREAT ARTIST,ACTIVIST,MC, FATHER & ICON – STAY BLACK & DIE VIDEO will drop August 2015 to honor our Fam!! Bay Tribute shows Sf 8/12 Santa cruz 8/13 Orangeville 8/14



Apologies we have to push back the Stay Black & Die Video , Jacka tribute Debuting in L.A Aug 8th

DLabrie , Stay Black & Die Video ft The Jacka RIP, M1 of dead prez, Shamako Noble of Hip Hop Congress, Adisa Banjoko of Hip Hop Chess Federation & SaikoDelic Video will drop during JuneTeenth 2015 as a Tribute to The Jacka. We tryed to Track him down to film his scenes. Life is Short!!

For now Get FREE Download of the Song >>>

Check out Demon Within by YDMC ft. Jacka RIP, DLabrie

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RIP Jacka !! Jacka of Mobfigaz & DLabrie at Tear Gas Record release Party!!

RIP Jacka !! Jacka of Mobfigaz & DLabrie at Tear Gas Record Release Party in San Francisco!!

There are NO words to describe this loss. Jacka was a stand up guy who is from a rough place but I was always amazed how he practiced such kindness and positivity despite it. Alot of us young black men come up with a chip on our shoulders, trying to survive. Not many of us will ever see the success he found in Life, or as an Artist. He seemed to want to shine that light on others and spread that hope and confidence in all who he came across. I’ve been in different states & cities with him doing shows or hanging out and nothing changes. He is still the same fun loving guy, cracking jokes even when there is unrest or drama unfolding. He was open and honest. He had a way of guiding a situation and providing leadership but with respect to others too. He knew how to follow another leader when it was the best choice for the situation. Like myself he was a true fan and lover of Hip Hop Music/ Culture and he understood the Politics of America and the World. He understood the struggle black youth & people go through. He was a proud muslim and he gave wisdom but was never preachy or judged you. He knew his role was more than a rapper. Not once was he ever funny style or standoffish with me, if he saw you he showed you love, invited you to build with him, join him on stage, blow trees, spit a rap, whatever, he just loved the upbeat energy. We had so many funny moments. I’m honored to have done a positive song with him that i believe will be able to uplift and motivate people forever. It was a song done for the whole world not just rap fans or the Bay Area scene. When we did the song at 17 Hertz in Hayward. He had alot of folks with him or around him but it felt like it was just us in the room. We smoked so many blunts and i was about to pass out because im not on his level with the lungs at all. We talked about the concept and he thanked me for asking him to be on such a deep song. He said he wanted to be on more songs of that nature. This was before M1 of dead prez was on the song. It was only me, Shamako, Adisa & Delic so far. I had a vision. I knew he would bring another chapter to the story we we’re telling. I remember another younger rapper I can’t remember exactly who was in the studio that day with us but he was inquiring about our session. He wanted to know what song we were going to work on out of curiosity because lots of folks were in there and wanted him to knock out verses. The rapper heard the reggae feel and political nature of the speech at the beginning and he was not impressed. He asked me if i had something else, even though he had nothing to do with our session. Jacka told him to be more open minded and to respect our session/message and dude kinda frowned up but he respected his wishes and i appreciated that. It reminded me he was in tune with me spiritually and respected my mind and wasnt just there on business. This was NOT the last time he would defend me in a sticky situation, as we (Me Shamako & many others) reciprocated in advance when the discussion of him being a part of Hip Hop Congress came up. Some People were concerned his lyrics were too violent and negative to repersent our ideals. I personally never cared more about a persons rap lyrics more than i cared about a persons actions and duties in the community. On top of that many people only see what they want to see in terms of an artist experience and content. Jacka has lots of positive songs but more importantly he is REAL HIP HOP. He was always willing to give back and be a part of helping the youth and particularly at risk youth. I had 1 conversation with him long before the debate about him joining HHC and I already knew we were on the same page in terms of giving back. I have countless stories of these type of situations with Jacka where he goes ABOVE and BEYOND to uplift someone else and he is fearless in doing so. I know none of us are perfect and people die everyday. But Monday 2/2/15 I lost a friend and not just a rap affiliate. He was also tight with my brotha from anotha and best friend KDoe who passed 2/7/08 (same day as Big Pun’s death and JDilla’s Bday. Their anniversaries are now 5 days apart. Love NOW. Appreciate your friends and family NOW. Dont wait for next time. You don’t know if this will be the last chance you get. RIP to the Jacka!!

This Video is all REAL FOOTAGE from Occupy Oakland. I was there and ran into The Jacka ,PK, Freeway , Fed X & Director/Rapper Erk tha Jerk. It was all real and organic. Jacka was like jump in the Video. I was honored to do so. This is Really Powerful Imagery of a Real Protest and Rebellion that represents the spirit of oakland & The Bay Area!!

Listen to the whole album – The Jacka Artist to get an Idea what he was about. It feels like he recorded this yeaterday!! Timeless Here’s the link or click below

The Jacka - The Jack Artist

The Jacka – The Jack Artist

YDMC feat. Jacka, DLabrie – Demon Within


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